Welcome to new “followers” of this blog

I was kind of taken by surprise yesterday and today that my brief mention of “Learning Earthways” when I was talking with Sarah Van Gelder last weekend made it to the published interview and then led to so many new people noticing and “following” the blog. I am glad and thankful for the new connections with people who share my concerns and interests, but I would like to also say that I realize that the blog needs some work, which I had planned on doing after I finished a couple of book projects this Summer. Those projects are now done, but presently I need to finish prepping for the new semester of classes (which begin on Monday, August 31st) before I can return to working on this blog.

There are two articles on the blog, “Equally What?” and “The Problem With Money,” which pertain to several of the points that I tried to make in the interview, and, hopefully can bring some clarity to a few statements there http://www.yesmagazine.org/edge-of-change/you-fly-to-the-edge-of-the-tar-sands-and-no-life-20150828 which could probably use more explanation. I plan to add just a little bit to “Equally What?” and some substantial addition/revision to “The Problem With Money.” Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to it Sunday night, and if not, probably Monday. One of the major points that needs some elaboration is why industrial technological capitalist and state socialist, growth-oriented, consumption-driving socio-economic systems need to be abandoned and replaced as soon as possible. The other essay on this blog, “Thinking About the Unthinkable,” provides some helpful background context for the other two essays, and I do not plan on tinkering with that one any more at all. I also plan to update the rocket stove project and the amazing success of the hugelkultur bed, as well as add more photos and videos of the farm.

Thanks again for your interest, everybody, and I look forward to interacting more with all of you. I would definitely like to see more discussion on this blog, eventually.

Wunniook! (Wampanoag language for, “Be well and live in balance.”)

3 thoughts on “Welcome to new “followers” of this blog

  1. George, thank you for this–my introduction to serious consideration of how we might respond in a healthy and life-focused way to the oppressions by the corporatist, consumption-focused systems in which we live. I look forward to learning much more and beginning to put the lessons into action in my life, which is, I admit, not very earth-rooted.

    • Hi, Linda. Welcome to Learning Earthways. I have much to learn, too. Future posts will be much more focused on how-to stuff: growing crops, identifying wild plants for food and medicine, natural earth-friendly building techniques, making tools, re-purposing used and found items, and other skills related to non-monetary economics. I will also share reports on what other people around the world are doing along those lines. Discussion and sharing is always welcome on all of the articles. Thanks again and keep in touch.

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