Table of Contents

This is a descriptive table of contents, that I am adding to the blog to help readers find out what is in here.  Some descriptions will be brief and others will be longer, sometimes describing my motives and experiences that led me to write that particular essay. The table is organized chronologically, in the order that each item was posted, from the oldest to the most recent. Each item title is followed by the date that it was posted, in parentheses. To go directly to an item that you would like to read, just left click on the title.

(Right now, I will just write out the full content list, and add the descriptions later.)

  1. Thinking About the “Unthinkable” (December 28, 2013)
  2. The Problem With Money (January 2, 2014)
  3. Equally What? (January 17, 2014, revised April 11, 2014)
  4. “Rocket Stove” thermal mass heating and other sustainable, earth-friendly fire technology (April 2, 2014)
  5. Building a Rocket Stove in Our New Greenhouse (June 4, 2014)
  6. Making our first hugelkultur garden bed (November 16, 2014)
  7. Welcome to new “followers” of this blog (August 29, 2014)
  8. Updates on the Essays (September 3, 2015)
  9. Three Sisters Portfolio (October 1, 2015)
  10. Hugelkultur Update, Summer of 2015 (October 17, 2015)
  11. The TPP, TTIP, and TISA Could Become the Nails in the Global Coffin (November 24, 2015)
  12. The End of Money: The Need for Alternative, Sustainable, Non-monetary Local Economies (January 1, 2016)
  13. Hugelkultur Update, Early Summer, 2016 (June 27, 2016)
  14. Farm Update, July 2017, Part 1 (July 16, 2017)
  15. LifeGiving Farm Mid-Summer Update, Part 2 (July 20, 2017)
  16. What do farmers do in the Winter? (December 14, 2017)
  17. Sources for Healthy, Non-GMO, Heirloom, Organic and Indigenous Seeds (March 26, 2018)
  18. Hugelkultur bed planting, June, 2018 (June 17, 2018)
  19. Who is the “Baby?” (October 19, 2018)
  20. Buffalo, Llama, Eagle, Condor (October 22, 2019)
  21. My New Book (posted June 20, 2020) (This book is the only thing on this entire blog that is offered for sale for money, just so I can retrieve some of the cost for self-publishing it. I pay WordPress $99 per year to have no advertising appear anywhere on this blog. The further we can get away from using money, the better.)
  22. Tribal Education dept Garden Tour, August, 2019 (posted August. 2020)
  23. Planting Navajo Red Corn, May, 2020 (posted September 27, 2020)
  24. A Community of Companions (posted September 30, 2020)
  25. LifeGiving Farm, 2020 Tour (posted September 30, 2020)
  26. Picking Popcorn on a Ladder (posted October 3, 2020)
  27. Traditional Indigenous Cultivation of Crops is Not the Same as “Agriculture” (posted November 26, 2020)
  28. 2020: the Year in My Rearview Mirror (posted February 4, 2021)
  29. De-cobbing corn and grinding chicken feed with my bicimaquina (posted February 28, 2021)
  30. Sorting corn kernels after de-cobbing (posted February 28, 2021)
  31. Preparing greenhouse beds for spring planting (posted February 28, 2021)
  32. Earth is Love and we are Earth (posted April 26, 2021)
  33. Book Review of “Bright Green Lies” (posted June 26, 2021)
  34. What happened to the “Community of Companions?”: the impact of dripline irrigation on LifeGiving Farm, 2021, part 1, the greenhouse (posted August 15, 2021)
  35. Paths Forward: In Defense of “Utopian” Creativity (posted December 13, 2021)

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