Preparing greenhouse beds for spring planting

Sometimes the greenhouse is the only place where a person can get much gardening done in the winter, especially when the ground outside the greenhouse is frozen. One thing that I should add to what I said in this video is that it is real important to keep some of the rough and woody materials from the old dirt and from the new manure that you are mixing in and resist the temptation to weed that stuff out or make the ground more smooth. The rough stuff–stems, root pieces, twigs, wood chips, etc.–help to keep the soil loose and provide feed for the helpful worms, insects and micro-critters who keep the soil in good health.

Springtime Update just before planting the popcorn, we do a little more prep work:

2 thoughts on “Preparing greenhouse beds for spring planting

  1. Followed your lead and got busy in my own greenhouse, pulling out some of the old soil and bringing in a lot of new organic material, compost, leaves, etc… Even found a few worms! One thing I have done the last few years, for early planting of lettuce, kale, spinach, is put cold frames into the greenhouse for double glazing. Hope I’m not jumping the gun, springtime in the Rockies can go lots of different ways! But it sure felt good being out of the house.

    BTW, do you ever use sawdust as soil builder? I brought some home from work and dumped it in the garden and now there are swarms of bees hovering over it and carrying it off to their hive.

    • Thanks for the comment, Dave. Glad to be an inspiration. The warm weather we had this week was an inspiration for me. I can’t remember ever using sawdust that way, but I’ve used woodchips for mulch here and there. Wood chips make the soil too acidic for most of the plants that I grow, but I’ve heard they are good around blueberry plants. I have woodchips covering some of the walkways in my greenhouse. Some natural wood scraps (twigs, bark, leaves, etc.) mixed in the planting beds is usually a good thing. I recommend that people get their soil tested on a regular basis to make sure it has a good natural chemical balance.

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