Earth is Love and we are Earth

At 1:05 to 1:08 in this video, a little earthworm forms the shape of a heart. We are Earth and Earth is love. Earth is alive and all life is inter-connected and inter-dependent. I read recently that there are approximately five billion organisms (most of them microorganisms, of course) in every teaspoon of healthy, fertile soil. The elements of our bodies are the same elements that we find in the soil, rocks and water. Biologists and geologists have listed all of those elements and chemicals and it is easy to look that up and see for yourself. Two thirds of Earth is water and so is two thirds of our bodies. Our skin colors are not the mythical red, yellow, black and white, they are the beautiful multitude of the colors of Earth. We humans and the other species, as well, are all one substance and substantially the same essential beings.

This really happened (the message from the little earthworm). I was getting the soil ready to plant the popcorn seeds and I just wanted to record how the soil is so full of life. I could see and feel the micro-life, too. It was like “seeing” the wind: we can see things moving through the air, and feel the wind on our skin, even though we can’t see wind herself. In that same way, I can see the soil being moved by the life within her.

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