I Made a Hat!

Almost three years ago, the last time I flew on an airplane, I saw a man in the airport on the island of Hawaii wearing an amazing, beautiful hat made out of leaves. The leaves kind of reminded me of the cattail leaves at my home in Montana, so I began to wonder if I could make a hat like that. Early this spring, after I noticed that my sombrero had really become tattered and worn out, I decided that I would follow that Hawaiian vision and actually make the hat of my dreams and wonderings. Now it is done and I share with you this video of my experience in the creative process. Not only was it a fun and rewarding experience, but it also provides us with another example of how we can break free from the deadly societal systems and, with Earth’s help, in cooperative interaction, learn the many low-tech, eco-friendly skills that we will soon need to provide for ourselves and others.

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