What do farmers do in the Winter?

This short video shows a couple of our Fall/Winter activities. It is our time to give something back to Mama Earth/Water for all the life that she freely gives to us. I will write about other things that we do in the Winter later.

One of our other Winter activities is pulling the kernels off of our dried corn, usually while watching movies or listening to music. Then we put the corn into containers and label them. The popcorn is usually dry enough first, and it is important to put that away before it gets too dry. It needs to have a little of its inner moisture remaining in order to pop. The red corn is ready next (about two to two and a half months after harvest), followed by the blue corn. One of our other Winter activities is grinding the blue corn and the red corn into flour and then putting it into storage containers. Some of it we put into paper bags for the market or for gifts to people, but most of the food we grow we just grow for our own consumption.

Thinking about the corn makes me want to insert here some of the beautiful photos of this year’s red corn that I posted on Facebook last Summer.






006          008

068   034




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