Garden tour, August 2019

This is a short segment of a garden tour that I gave about exactly one year ago to a group from the CSKT Tribal Education Department, four teachers and three students. This segment just shows the first 12 minutes of the approximately one-hour tour, beginning in the old part of the garden, closer to our house. I plan to video a new virtual tour soon that will show just about everything. I really miss doing these in-person tours, which I have done for many years, in this crazy Covid-19, stop-the-facists-first-then-the-rest-of-the-corporate-death-machine summer of 2020. Last summer the CSKT (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes) Tribal Ed Dept. hired me to take my MayaPedal corn grinder to the playgrounds at all of the tribal homesites on the reservation and teach the children about how we can feed ourselves. Food sovereignty! Independence from the system! Protect the Earth! Create a new world!

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