Hugelkultur update, Summer of 2015

This shorter-than-my-usual video (7 minutes, 13 seconds) shows the results of our first Spring planting on our first hugelkultur bed, plus a little bit of the start of our second one. It was filmed on three different dates last Summer: May 31st, June 29th, and July 8th. As you can see, the hugelkultur bed produced an abundance of healthy vegetable plants of many varieties, way beyond our expectations. We planted everything with the normal spacing that we have used on flat beds, but this nutrient-rich process caused them to quickly grow into a little jungle!  Even so, there was plenty of nutrients for all and it stayed productive throughout the Summer. We now know that we can cut back a little on the nutrient-rich materials when making future hugelkultur beds, especially at the lower levels. We have three new beds started now and will make all of the beds about twice as tall as the first one, eventually. Hugelkultur is an especially great system for people who want to grow a good quantity of food in a small space, using less water than for normal flat beds.

(To see the video of us making the first hugelkultur bed last Fall, just scroll down this page a little ways.)

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